Since its foundation, GÖKDENİZ continues to offer innovative solutions in all transportation modes with its expert staff. Gökdeniz, which owns Turkey's youngest fleet, aims to provide the best service to its customers as a corporate shipping company that adheres to the principles of continuous improvement, honesty and respectability and occupational health and safety.

Gökdeniz offers land, sea and air transportation services and continues to establish full-service set-ups in many regions with its infrastructure and communication network.


"GÖKDENİZ TRANSPORTATION" sees as its raison d'etre to establish the structure that it will provide logistic services which are functional and committed to continuous development.

Our goal is to make our customers happy. We consider all strategic plans to achieve this goal and aim to deliver the goods to the customer safely and securely and guarantee the continuity of our service and service quality.

Gökdeniz Transportation promises to work within the framework of business ethics, respect for its employees, honesty, environmental awareness, and occupational health policy.

Gökdeniz Transportation values education and training and aims to provide its employees and suppliers with all kinds of information and training to adopt the quality system.